SD GunDam Papercraft : MS-06 Zaku II (Char)

gundam-papercraf-ms-06 zaku II Char

SD GunDam Papercraft : MS-06 Zaku (Char)
จำนวนกระดาษที่ใช้ทำโมเดล ( Number of pages ) : 11
ระดับความยาก ( level of difficulty ) : medium
ความหนากระดาษที่แนะนำ ( recommended paper ) : 120 – 180 gsm

The MS-06 Zaku II (ザクII) is a mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam of the Universal Century metaverse. It is redesigned by Kunio Okawara based upon the earlier draft by the series director Yoshiyuki Tomino, in which only the name was kept. Due to its role as the most common antagonist mobile suit in Mobile Suit Gundam, the Zaku II is one of the most recognizable “mecha” designs in anime. The Zaku II has seen various redesigns and variants for hundreds of pieces of merchandise, and the Japanese post office has two stamps with Zaku IIs on them.

Template Download : SD Zaku II Char Papercraft , [Link]

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