The Five Star Stories Paper – Knight of Gold (Mirage D Type)


The Five Star Stories Paper Craft – Knight of Gold (Mirage D Type)
จำนวนกระดาษที่ใช้ทำโมเดล ( Number of pages ) : 50
ระดับความยาก ( level of difficulty ) : hard
ความหนากระดาษที่แนะนำ ( recommended paper ) : 120 – 180 gsm

Knight of Gold is the personal Mortar Headd of Ladios Sopp (aka Amaterasu No Mikado). This brilliant gold mortar headd came about when Lachesis, still in her early programming and development stage, asked Ladios Sopp to be her master and build her a mortar headd of gold so the two could be married beneath it. The Knight of Gold was the third attempt by Amaterasu to build the “ultimate mortar headd” (his first attempt being the Water Dragon/Schpeltor and his second attempt being the Auge Arusqull). Though the Knight of Gold is a powerful and impressive mortar headd it is more properly defined as a testbed for technologies that would eventually find their way into other Mirage mortar headds in the AKD fleet. As a result of Amaterasu’s experimental design, the Knight of Gold is a complex and malfunction-prone machine.

Template Download : Knight of Gold Papercraft

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